Global Venture Lab Finland, established by scholars of the University Alliance Finland, expands. The ever stronger GVL Finland offers a new domain of knowing – and knowledgists – as solution to the chronic growth enterprise shortage. Art of Business Creation – research that produces growth enterprises – was introduced at the Taloussanomat Seminar of the Tekes Liito Program in Helsinki on 23 November.

As reported at the 2nd annual meeting of the Global Venture Lab Network, in Berkeley, California, on 17 November, GVL Finland expands nation-wide. The University of Jyväskylä, the Tampere University of Technology and the University of Tampere – jointly referred to as University Alliance Finland – are joined by the Aalto University, the Abo Akademi University, the Lappeenranta University of Technology and the University of Oulu to strengthen GVL Finland, a founding member of the GVL Network.

GVL action started as American-Finnish-Indian cooperation in 2007. In 2008-2009, GVL operations were kicked off in Finland, India and the USA, and University Alliance Finland chose GVL as one of its arrowhead ventures. In November 2009, GVL Network was formally launched as a community of 26 university members worldwide. Along with the Finnish universities, the Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur and the University of California at Berkeley have been represented since the beginning.

Important recognition to GVL in Finland

Finland's minister of economic affairs, Mauri Pekkarinen, has appointed a steering group of economic policy.  The purpose is to strengthen the ministry conglomerate's decision making in growth enterprise policy. The group supports the ministry especially in the economic policy related steering of Finnvera, Finnish Industry Investment Ltd. and Tekes.

"The strengthening of growth enterprise policy and putting it in the centre of polícy and politics is a prerequisite for Finland's success also in the future", minister Pekkarinen says.

The steering group is led by Permanent Secretary Erkki VIRTANEN and joined by Permanent Under-Secretary Heikki AURASMAA and Director General Raimo LUOMA from the ministry, Managing Director Ritva OHMEROLUOMA from Nordia Management Oy, Director Hannele POHJOLA from the Confederation of Finnish Industries and Professor Marko SEPPÄ from JYU. The full press release, in Finnish, can be found at:


Prof. Dhrubes Biswas from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur has a burning desire to create sustainable and scalable services to the billion of people at the bottom of the pyramid.  He presented his newest project of creating a business to provide poor Indians in West Bengal low-cost innovative health services at JYU on Dec. 10, 2009.

 Plenty of opportunities for JYU students (even possible visits to India next year).

-business model design
-new service offering
-business case calculations
-stakeholder analysis
-social/environmental impact analysis
-plenty more!

-Project work for credits (TLTA630)
-Bachelor thesis
-Masters Theses topics
-Possible PhD research

See the presentation below.

If a JYU student and interested in the project, please contact for more information.

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Global Technology Leaders Conference 2009
18.11.2009 - Berkeley, California

The 2nd Annual A. Richard Newton Global Technology Leaders Conference is designed to be a catalyst for innovation and honors Dean Newton’s vision that society’s meaningful and multi-disciplinary problems will shape future industry opportunities. 

This year’s challenge is “Increasing Access to Cost-Effective Healthcare”. 

The Conference will be held during Global Entrepreneurship Week, and is graciously sponsored in part by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.
(From CET Website)

Read about GTL Conference 2008 here. Watch videos on Oil Independence via Sustainable Mobility, Affordable Zero Energy Home to name a few.

Aika Ma 5.10.2009 klo 8
Paikka Tampere, Verkatehtaankatu 2, toinen kerros, juhlasali

Tervetuloa keskustelemaan ”ratkaisemisen arvoisista ongelmista”, maailmanluokan liiketoiminta
osaamisen aikaansaamisesta, yliopistojen uudistumisesta sekä Sinun roolistasi näissä. Maalintekoalue on tässä moniottelussa vähintäänkin moniääninen. Kirjatiedon lisäksi tarvitaan ”can do” –asennetta ja liikemiesviisautta. Voittomaaleja ei näilläkään kentillä synny ilman mustelmia. Ja ilman joukkuehenkeä kannattaa jäädä pukukoppiin. GVL Open kokoaa muutosvoimia unelmajoukkueiden muostamiseksi.

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GVL OPEN - Problems Worth Solving (Business Networking Wine & Cheese)
22.9. - Blomstedt Ravintola, Jyväskylä

Business Forum Series for entrepreneurs, executives, students and researchers to discuss and share problems and solutions.

WHEN: Tuesday, September 22 2009 from 18.00-20.00
WHERE: Blomstedt Ravintola, Jyväskylä  (
DRESS: Business casual
RSVP: By invite only. (For information please contact Jane Porter at


What are the BIG problems that humanity faces and what’s business’ role? One hour of international guest speakers from India & Canada, stimulating discussions and information on what’s already happening in your region and how you can join in.

Net Impact is a global network of leaders who are changing the world through business. 
The Central Finland Professional Chapter is now open ’for business’ and ready to take in members. Please bring 5€ if interested in membership. More information at

*Networking in English continues...

PART 2:    GLOBAL VENTURE LAB (in Finnish)

Why is growth venturing needed in Finland? How are students, researchers and faculty at the University of Jyväskylä working with growth firms? Introduction to GVL’s Autumn activities in Human & Technology Business programs and business partner presentations. Networking with entrepreneurs, executives, students, researchers and international faculty.

(Part of TLTA620 - Yrityskumppani-forum )

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP COURSE - Intense 2-day workshop with Prof. Dhrubes Biswas
21.-22.9.2009 - University of Jyväskylä

The teeming population in the emerging economies present incredible opportunities for new avenues of profitable growth and innovation for firms and entrepreneurs of all types, whether multinationals or micro enterprises. Powerful new entrepreneurial forces are “flattening the world,” reaching new consumers and markets that were previously entirely ignored or underserved. Although the challenges are immense, these developments are fostering a productive investment climate that creates economic opportunity, new jobs, and sustainable, positive social change. Social entrepreneurs in partnership with governments, agencies such as the World Bank, non-governmental organizations, multinationals and domestic corporations have made impressive recent strides in creating economic growth, reducing poverty, and improving consumption capability and well-being at the “bottom of the pyramid.” Special focus is necessary in identifying local problems, advocating and applying local technology and business solutions with local entrepreneurs, often in cooperation with university based venture accelerators. Contemporary managers and entrepreneurs who wish to serve these markets must be aware of both the associated potential and pitfalls and evolve contextually tailored strategies. This workshop course hopes to increase awareness and understanding of these new environments, create familiarity with relevant sustainable business models, and help students evolve the mindset and skills needed to participate as entrepreneurs in these emerging opportunities.

Sign up in Korppi: 3ECTS for JYU Students

EBRF 2009 Research Forum to Understand Business in Knowledge Society
23.-25.9.2009 - Jyväskylä, Finland

EBRF 2009 will be organized in Jyväskylä, Finland on 23. -25.9.2009

EBRF 2008 was held on board M/S Viking Gabriella on 22.-24.9.2008 between Helsinki and Stocholm. More information on the past conference you can find from EBRF 2008.

The EBRF conference was launched in 2001 and ever since it has been organized annually in Tampere, Finland. EBRF has attracted some 200 participants every year, produced a total of more than 460 reviewed research papers, and established itself as a leading business conference in Finland. Year 2007, however, marked a new era for EBRF. This was the first time that the event traveled away from Tampere, to the very centre of Finland, namely the city of Jyväskylä. Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and the University of Jyväskylä (JYU) joined forces to organize this conference. 2008 the conference travelled more literally on the Baltic sea. This year the conference returns to Jyväskylä, and University of Tampere (UTA) rejoins the organizing university Alliance.


Global Venture Lab Kickoff at V2C Forum 2009!

Global Venture Lab was officially launched on March 23rd, beginning in Tampere and ending in Jyväskylä at the 9th annual V2C Forum 2009. With the three founders present on the stage, it was an unconventional, silo breaking event to the say the least. There were first time entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs/co-entrepreneurs, investors, public sector advisors,  faculty, students and researchers attending the event,  and the program allowed for an entertaining mix of a mid-day champagne toast, to an evening get-together with African singing, live music and networking (with folks like Martti Syrjä) - all before heading to a middle-of-nowhere dinner retreat into a rockface, planetarium.

Of course, V2C Forum is  not just about champagne and music - there's work to be done! Aside from the informative and thought-provoking speeches from Day 1, Day 2 brought on the hard work with "Runway to Growth" - a full day strategy workshop session with six GVL venture teams: Founders, their coentrepreneurs, and other value‐creation partners. Each venture team had 40 minutes in six different workshops run by our "Runway Partners", all addressing a critical subject to be tackled on the venture’s way to global markets. Based on the feedback we received, Runway to Growth was a definite success with  everyone taking back a little something - whether it was an important contact into a new market or advice that will lead the way into new growth paths.

For more information about V2C Forum 2009, visit


Press Release (23.3 - in Finnish)
Uutiset: Global Venture Lab haastaa muuttumisleikkiin
Jyväskylän Kaupunkilehti
Press Release (17.3 - in Finnish)

Take a look at our past V2C Forum events.
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Video footage of GVL Kickoff & JYU Talks Opening

Photos (see more in our Photo Gallery)

JYU TALKS about problems worth solving

It's a rare thing to get Finnish students to talk in class...but this isn't a class.
It's a conversation - a needed one.

Our generation is about to face some major challenges. From the current financial crisis to the  ecological credit crunch to the fact that there may soon be 9 billion of us on this planet within the next few decades ... Some big tasks ahead of us indeed. 

Are we ready for it?

We all learn something at University, whether it's about nanoscience or finance or how to teach a kid how to read - we're all here for some type of education.

The question behind jyu talks is How can we use our education to help solve problems that are desperately in need of attention?


Join the conversation.