GVL is set to create new paradigms on business creation via a “Live Case” approach.

In being close to the business world, GVL has intimate action research access to the elusive growth processes of a startup firm.

It is funded to expose “Strategy Logic in Growth Venturing”, in a project aimed at developing new funding instruments for ventures seeking global growth. GVL builds on the heritage of the V2C Research Team of eBRC, the TUT & UTA joint research center established for limited life (2001-2005) as part of the eTampere program. They are co-founders of EBRF conference and V2C Forum, in 2001, and SKY Assn, in 2005. See here for list of past publications on the V2C phenomenon.

GVL is currently building a “dir-to-doc” PhD program and is an active contributor to the annual EBRF conference. 

Research areas of interest include:

-firm growth
-strategy logic in growth venturing
-entrereneurial marketing
-entrepreneurial branding
-growth venturing for sustainability
-university-business interaction

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