The question of WHO is always important.

As mentioned, GVL is not university owned, but it works with university faculty members.  It's not a business, yet works within that sphere all the time too. So, who's behind this thing?

The idea of creating a "global entrepreneurial platform" was started from three faculty members across the globe.

founders of global venture lab


Dr. Econ., Prof. of Growth Venturing, Head of Programs, Chair of GVL

Marko was apprenticed venture capitalist in the 1980s, ran a pioneering VC operation in Russia in the 1990s, and an e-business research center in 2001-2005. He is passionate about co-creation and turning great ideas into investment-ready businesses.

MaE 123, Tel. 014 - 260 3332
E-mail: marko.seppa(at)

Marko Seppä's full bio


Dr. Dhrubes Biswas is a renowned Professor of Electronics and Communication Engineering, as well as in Management & Entrepreneurship at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He is internationally recognized expert in radio frequency integrated circuits (RFIC) and in technology ventures in Wireless Electronics, Cellular Phone Systems, communication related RFICs. He is permanently based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, while currently operating out of Kolkata, India.
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Dhurbes Biswas full bio


Ikhlaq Sidhu is a professor in the Industrial Engineering & Operations Research Department at U.C. Berkeley and an authority in the technology management, with a prolific background as an inventor and executive in the telecommunications and networking industry. He is the founding director of U.C. Berkeley's Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, Co‐chair U.C. Berkeley's Management of Technology Program. Professor Sidhu has also developed the Global Venture Lab and mentoring network at U.C. Berkeley which has spun‐out over $100M of value in new technology firms in its first 3 years.

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global venture lab team in finland

Mari Suoranta

Dr. Econ., Program Director of GVL and Assistant Professor of Technology Business

tel. 014 - 260 3342

Mia Häkkinen

MIA HÄKKINEN, M.Sc. Econ., Action Researcher, Business Partnerships Manager

Virkavapaalla / Leave of absence

Mikko Oksanen

B.Sc. Econ., Action Researcher, Venture Portfolio Mgr, GM of SKY

tel. 040 - 758 7203

Jane Porter

M.Sc. Econ., Action Researcher, Global Connections Manager

tel. 0400 - 247 411

Christian Aspegren

M.Sc. Econ., Action Researcher, Director of Business Programs


Mila Hakanen

B.Sc. Econ., Action Researcher, Events & Relationships Manager

tel. 0400 - 247 446

Mitro Kivinen

M.B.A., Action Researcher, Chief Operating Officer


Leni Kuivaniemi

LLM, Co-Director of Study Programs

Timo Seppälä

B.Sc (Eng.) Action Researcher


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